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Menu: There are menu buttons on the top right. The top switches changes modes. The second opens the settings menu, which can be used to customize the display. The third opens the metronome menu. If a song or scale is in progress, a fourth button will open the song menu.

Playback: Tap the screen to pause and un-pause. While paused, pan horizontally to rewind and tap to playback what you’ve recorded.

Windows: Use the buttons in the settings menu to open and close windows. Drag the divider between windows vertically to resize.

Zoom: Pinch horizontally to control the rate of play. Pinch vertically to resize the staff and pitch graph windows. Pinch horizontally and vertically to resize sheet music.

Orientation: The screen will automatically adjust to landscape or portrait orientation.


The default input is the iPhone or iPad’s built in microphone. Music Wrench will automatically use an external microphone if available. For best results avoid background noise and people talking.


In tuning mode, use the settings menu to select either equal temperament or perfect fifths. If fifths is selected, the A string will tune to 440 Hz and the other strings will tune to 3:2 frequency ratios.
Other modes can use equal, Pythagorean, or just intonation. Choose equal if you’re not sure what key signature you are in, since Pythagorean and just depend on the key.
For double stops, the “just interval” compares your interval to the closest just interval. Some intervals, such as thirds and sixths, have a significant difference between equal and just temperament.


Intonation can be a matter a interpretation and taste. Advanced players should use Music Wrench as a reference point. Just as practicing with a metronome doesn’t mean you can’t slow down for dramatic effect, you are allowed to deviate in pitch. Hopefully this app will make those deviations from traditional tuning more conscious and less accidental.


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